Think-ed out.

I have this rather irritating habit of thinking too much.  This was lovingly pointed out to me last week by my sister (thanks sis, as if I wasn’t aware enough!).  Apparently, I read too much into everything.  I didn’t know that was possible: I assumed everybody did this.  I can neither help it nor do I want to.  However, I’m finding it somewhat of a barrier to autonomous education reasons being I am a) looking for learning in every waking moment of the girls’ lives, b) feeling guilty when I fail to identify any measurable learning and c) wondering where any learning I can identify fits in with conventional schooling.  I long for the day I’ll stop looking for learning; the day I trust the girls enough to do what they were born capable of doing without my interference.  On the other hand, I enjoy witnessing their growth so entirely that allowing it to happen without my acknowledging it is a gut wrenching prospect.  Perhaps, I’ll just work on dropping b and c.  Thinking too much?  Never.


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