How does your garden grow?

My last post was some weeks ago and I’ve been very aware of my neglect of the blog.  Perhaps ‘neglect’ is the wrong word.  It’s been a semi-conscience decision.

I follow a lot, and I mean a *lot*, of home education/unschooling blogs – from the practical-advice kind to the philosophical kind to the school-is-the-devil-incarnate kind (as well as a range of lifestyle blogs) and I’ve been wondering where this blog fits.

In order to figure that out I’ve asked myself the following questions:

Does it even have to ‘fit’?

Why I am writing the blog?

Who am I writing it for?

The first question can only be answered by answering the other two.  So, why did I decide to begin this blog?  Essentially, it was to record (to an extent) the lives of my children and I – some of the things we get up to, portraits and photography and, most prominently, our home schooling journey.  I wanted to build some sort of online memory book-cum-photograph album interspersed with thoughts on whole life unschooling.  But why and for whom?  For me?  For my children?  If this were the case then why publish it on the internet at all?  I wanted to share our experiences with others.  Following others in their experiences has enriched my life in several ways: I can share in another’s joy; I can share in their struggles; I can learn something; I can feel connected with others I would not have otherwise.  I can embrace what it is to be a part of a global community, of humanity.  And in sharing portions of our life as a family we can give that to others and get it all back ten-fold.

So, I ask myself again, does Us Wee Three have to fit at all?  No.  It is our little corner of the internet.  I like to think of it as a little garden…essentially ours to shape and grow and appreciate yet open to anyone who wants to delight in it.


2 thoughts on “How does your garden grow?

  1. You are so right – of course you don’t need to ‘fit’! What’s so special about your blog is that it is unique to you and that’s what’ll keep readers reading! x

  2. I’ve also asked myself the same questions, and at times I’ve stopped blogging or deleted blogs because I wasn’t sure what my purpose was. Over time i’ve become more comfortable with what I’m doing, and the bottom line for me is that I feel happier when I write.Whatever I end up writing about… my kids, happenings in our life, my marriage, my feelings or thoughts about anything at all…
    I think a “personal blog” is a perfectly fine niche, and that’s what I’m drawn to when I look for writing that I enjoy 🙂 I like your blog and I hope you keep writing 🙂

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