Time flies when you’re…

Where has the time gone?  It’s been almost six weeks since my last post.  Six weeks!  I’m not even sure I could tell you what we’ve been up to but I do know that it’s been a time to just ‘be’.  Although this hiatus was unplanned, it’s given me a great opportunity to reflect on … Continue reading

The Three R’s (Part One)

I have a lot to say about the learning of reading, writing and maths so I’ve decided to break down this post into two parts in order to explore my thoughts in depth – bear with me. What can school teach my children that they cannot learn for themselves?  How to read and write?  Maths? … Continue reading

Back to school…

Since de-registering from school, we’ve been staying away for a while you know, deschooling.  Last week we went back  to collect my daughters’ old school books and say ‘hello’.  The school supported our decision to home school so teachers and parents like to know how we’re getting on.  It was the end of the day … Continue reading

You can go your own way…

So, we’re just over a couple of months into home ed.  If you’ve read any of my other posts you’ll know that I’ve been sponging up information from anywhere and everywhere about autonomous education.  I’m now au fait with numerous terms and ideas that, 2 months ago, I’d never even heard of or would have … Continue reading

Totnes, Town of Beards

I spent a year at college in Totnes.  Too busy trying to cut classes and sneak down to the train station cafe (affectionately nick-named ‘Scabby Caff’ by my friends and I) for a plate of chips (being a veggie at the time, I avoided the All Day Breakfasts never imagining the possibility that the chips … Continue reading

The Snowball Effect

Three months ago I never imagined our lives to look the way they do now.  Looking back, I guess I was just fumbling my way through parenting – knitting together examples from my own upbringing with bits and pieces I had picked up, as well as resorting to instinct.  That last part is now almost … Continue reading

Think-ed out.

I have this rather irritating habit of thinking too much.  This was lovingly pointed out to me last week by my sister (thanks sis, as if I wasn’t aware enough!).  Apparently, I read too much into everything.  I didn’t know that was possible: I assumed everybody did this.  I can neither help it nor do … Continue reading

You say ‘tomato’, I say ‘tomato’…

…you say ‘Unschooling’, I say ‘Autonomous Education’.  Doesn’t have the same ring to it but hopefully the analogy resonates with you in some way.  ‘Unschooling’ is the US version of the UK’s preferred ‘autonomous education’.  The two terms describe the same approach to home education and although I find the american version lends itself to … Continue reading